Infection - Most infections we see in the office are either the result of tooth decay or gum disease and sometimes a combination of both. An interesting observation is that (unlike most infections we experience) antibiotics are usually ineffective as far as curing the dental infections.

The reason for this is that infections in the gums and teeth are generally chronic; that is there is a continuous "supply" of (bad) bacteria coming from inside the tooth or from plaque and tartar around the gums.

The solution for these infections must involve removing the plaque and tartar and/or removing the supply of bacteria inside the tooth (e.g. root canal, treatment) or removing the tooth. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that gum and tooth infections cause already existing heart problems as well as diabetes to become worse. 

So the moral of this story is to avoid those unhealthy infections that lead to pain and tooth loss. And, of course, one avoids such calamities by getting those regular check-ups at your friendly Smile Design Center!

If you haven't had your "on time" check up please give us a call today. Also please refer a friend/family member. We appreciate so very much all of you who refer your family, co-workers, and friends to us for their dental care. This is the single best compliment we could ever receive from our great patients!

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