America’s 29 million migraine headache sufferers spend dizzying sums of money purchasing medication to treat their pain. Most are unaware that there is a new alternative to prescription drugs. Dentists all over the country are recommending a treatment for migraine (and other types) headaches using a dental mouthpiece referred to as “NTItss”. “NTI-tss” is an acronym for Nociceptive Triqeminal Inhibition- Tension Suppression System. The “NTI-tss Plus” is an FDA approved dentist provided mouthpiece for the treatment of migraine type” headaches. In clinical trials reviewed by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine su¬ffers using the NTI-tss had a 77% average reduction of migraine attacks within the first eight weeks of use.

The NTI-tss works by reducing jaw clenching during sleep. It fits over the central teeth on the bottom arch of the mouth and keeps the molars and canines from touching. Many patients unconsciously clench and grind their teeth, mostly at night. For some, clenching serves as a catalyst for migraine inducing strain on the muscles in the head, face, and neck. To demonstrate how the NTI-tss works, touch the muscles of the temples while biting down on a pencil with the back teeth. The temporal muscles will bulge and intensely contract. Now bite down on a pencil with only the front teeth. Those same temporal muscles remain relaxed. This diminished clenching intensity prevents a hyperactive nerve response, and thus, prevents migraines and other clenching stress type headaches.

Often an appliance (“Night Guard”) that covers all of the upper (or sometimes lower) teeth is prescribed for clinchers and grinders. This type appliance usually works well if bruxing (grinding) is occurring in the absence of clenching. However, if clenching is occurring with or without bruxing, then headache symptoms along with tired muscles usually occur. This is because a “full coverage” appliance provides a good surface to clench against. By separating the black teeth the NTI-tss prevents the hyperactive muscle activity which leads to headaches and tired jaw muscles.

We have been using the NTI appliance at The Smile Design Center for several years and have seen it help patients who prior to using it relied heavily on both over the counter and prescription drugs to help get through the day.

The NTI appliance was developed by a dentist, Dr. James Boyd, to treat him for chronic daily headaches and frequent migraines he had su¬ffered for 12 years. If chronic headaches have been plaguing you, you might be a candidate for an NTI appliance.

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